The Sunny Brook Artcenter is an exhibition space. At the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 we had ten artists and an art historian to have a place on a large garden plot in the Leipzig suburbs for creating art and thinking about alternative forms of work and exhibiting in the new situation. Since a large part of the personal exhibitions became for everyone involved, the Sunny Brook exhibition space became an art center. A caravan found on the property became an exhibition room suitable for pandemics: the two exhibitions take place informatively in the caravan, but there are no visitors on site. The exhibition is shown on the Internet, making up for a film in trailer format. After the first ten exhibitions, there will be a publication followed by exhibition views and texts.The first four exhibitions in the Sunny Brook Artcenter have been realized since June. There will be ten exhibitions by November this year. All artists work in their own media, painting, photography, sculpture, media and conceptual art, in the caravan situation. The unauthorized authorizations allow projects to be realized that are not possible in the personal exhibition in galleries and institutions.